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We are delighted to share the high praise and a professional recommendation from immigration lawyers. Following over two years of hard working our DMCS Deaf advisor and our qualified sign language interpreter (GB) held many many meetings with the immigration solicitor and other professionals, and was able to help submit an extensive application to secured successful outcome of Asylum Recognition from the Home Office for one of our Deaf/Blind clients (YR).

Dear Mehdi
I would highly recommend DMCS for sign language interpreting. The work and assistance provided has been invaluable in preparing our client’s legal case.
It is very difficult to find sign language interpreters who have the skills to work on complex legal matters, especially with clients who have very difficult and traumatic backgrounds. DMCS’ deaf relay and BSL interpreter assisted in each appointment with unparalleled professionalism, determination, empathy and kindness. They have been a pleasure to work with and created an environment where it was very easy for me to communicate with our client and to take his instructions, even when the subject matter was difficult.
I am very grateful for DMCS’ assistance and I know that we wouldn’t have had a successful outcome in our client’s case without their help.

Wilsons Immigration Solicitor

Justice for all

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