Support Worker


We have BSL Deaf Communicators,  BSL Communication Support Worker, BSL Interpreters and Deaf Relay Interpreters who can help you communicate.  

They can support YOU in many different ways:

  • provide interpreting support using British sign language (BSL)

  • help D/deaf or hard of hearing people understand conversations, for example with GP doctors, in hospitals, and in the workplace

  • provide English modification support by adapting BSL to English and vice versa, documents, letters, and other similar literature into modified English, deaf-friendly language, including BSL video clips.

The communication support workers (CSWs) and sign language interpreters have years of experience in a number of sectors including legal, social services, benefits, health as well as education settings.  This means we have a good understanding of the issues that you may encounter. 


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Book a Deaf Relay Interpreter

Polish, Farsi, Romanian, Russian, or Lithuanian 

  • We have experienced Deaf Relay Interpreters are who work alongside our CSW/BSL interpreters with a Deaf person who has a specific language or need due to a disability or not being a native BSL user.

  • We have other sign languages, such as Farsi, Irish, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian.   If a foreign sign language interpreter for the required language is not available, we may recommend the use of a BSL Interpreter and a Deaf Relay interpreter.

  • This service is available to members of the Deaf community. These are provided if the Deaf individual uses a sign language other than British Sign Language.​

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